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Michael Shanks Daily

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A place to appreciate the Canadian actor, director and writer, Michael Shanks
Welcome to shanks_daily, where you'll find a picture [or more!] a day; in this case, pictures will be of Michael Shanks in his various roles.

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shanks_daily, like other _daily communities, is an images-only community. Feel free to introduce yourself or chat, but only if you're posting an image. Photo manips, Livejournal icons, wallpaper are all welcome here -- as well as promo shots, screencaps, etc.! If it's an image of Michael, post it!

Please do not direct link images from other sites. If you don't have a site to which you can upload pictures, check out Photobucket!

If pictures are wider than 500 pixels (or you want to share more than one pic), be sure to put them behind a LJ cut tag.

Resources for caps/stills/publicity photos, etc:

Michael Shanks Online
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Moderators: kedawen and melayneseahawk

Posting Schedule:

Saturdays: episode from kedawen.
Sundays: episode from melayneseahawk.
Mouthy Mondays from kedawen: a study of the Many Funny Faces of Michael.
Themed Tuesdays from melayneseahawk: feel free to suggest themes!
Wednesdays: episode from kedawen.
Thursdays: episode from melayneseahawk.
Fannish Fridays from you guys! Post any fannish stuff you'd like: icons, wallpapers, manips, vids, anything as long as Michael/Daniel is the focus.


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