Hawkman/Carter Hall Icons

 Realizing I was in desperate need of a Carter Hall and/or Hawkman icon for my own journal, I decided to whip up some. Here's the handful I managed to get done today. There's 9 icons total, including alternates:

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Comments and thoughts are appreciated. Please, credit if you use any.

If anyone is interested in some Daniel/Vala icons, you can find a bunch HERE.


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Shanks: Sepia Michael

Sunday Specials - Burn Notice 2.15

Caps today are from the galleries over at dankriss 's Michael Shanks Fansite - thanks to Kriss for letting me use these images. :D

Okay, whoever put a shirt *that* colour on someone with Michael's skintone deserves to be shot. Actually, whoever designed/made a *puce* shirt with pink patterns ought to be shot. Nothing should ever be puce IMO. Don't shoot them anywhere *fatal*... just, you know, give them fair warning. :D

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Shanks: Sepia Michael

Shanks Saturday - Vancouver, April 2009

Images today are from the recent convention in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Photos are from the galleries at Michael Shanks Online, copyright to the website and Mon.

As someone said on this comm a little while ago, one of the best things about Michael at conventions is that Michael as Michael laughs and smiles in a way we don't get to see much when he's in character.

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Thanks guys for all your understanding and good wishes. Michael is yummy. That is all. :D

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